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Hey, it's a World Wide Web out there: why should all we dot com's negatively affect our bottom line with the creation of costly content when we can freely link to the work of independent producers? Of course, we weren't the first food-related dot com to think of it, but why let a sleeping dog lie?
Bigdog   Blogs For Dogs Incessant barking for your daily pleasure.  SpotGo!
glassdog   glassdog Real dogs need more than one blog.  SpotRead
Wertz Dog   Dog Blog   Real blogs need more than one dog.  SpotRead
Plato Dog   Dawg Blawg   Meet Plato, pioneering pooch of the Blawgging Revolution.  SpotRead
Boris Dog   Paws & Effect   Insightful musings and commentary by a notable pug pundit.  SpotRead
peterdog   peterme   Marking his territory along the adaptive path. SpotRead
Floyddog   Powazek A leader of the pack since there was one.  SpotRead
Camdog   Camworld A Dog's Best Friend is his blog.  SpotRead
Newshound   Tomalak's Realm Faithfully sniffing out real news you can use.  SpotRead
Olddog   Brian Main   Shaggy, housebroken, talented illustrator who created Spot.  SpotRead
Hotdog   Kottke   His bark is worse than his bite!  SpotRead
Pooty   Magic Pooty   There's only one "Magic", and he's not a yippy mascot!  SpotRead
Topdog   zeldman   Howling for standards and working like a you-know-what SpotRead
Watchdog   Captain Cursor   Ferociously defending truth, justice, and the SPCA.  SpotRead
Champ   Harrumph   Proving that b*tches can blog, too. SpotRead
Studdog   Cocky Bastard   Not spayed or neutered? In heat? Throw this dog a bone!   SpotRead
Gooddog   CoolSTOP   A virtual kennel of konnectedness and kool kreativity.  SpotRead
megdog   Megnut   A fan of freedom ... and flea collars.  SpotRead
Lonewolf   evhead   The lone wolf of Pyra Labs.  SpotRead
yipyop dog   yip yop   Tired = yipping about yourself. Wired = yip yop!  SpotRead
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